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The Affidavit of Nancy Ann Sanford

The Affidavit of Nancy Ann Sanford

I Nancy Ann Sanford make oath to say

Simon Girty emigrated from Ireland to the colony of Pennsylvania about the year 1740 A.D. He married an English lady by the name of Mary Newton by whom he had four sons, Thomas, Simon, George and James. Simon Girty senior was killed in fighting a duel with a British officer. His widow married a man by the name of John Turner in 1755 A.D. They had one son. They were taken prisoner by the Indians shortly after the French and Indian war broke out when Mrs Turner was compelled to witness the death of her husband at the stake; but Mrs Turner clung to her infant son whom she named John. After some years when he had grown to manhood he, John Turner, returned to the colony and sought out his half brothers.

When Simon Girty junior left the colony he settled John Turner jun. on his property near Fort Pitts. This property was about five miles from Pittsburg (sic) on the main road. This property was known by the name of Squirrel Hill. John Turner married a lady by the name of Susannah Clark; they had no children. John Turner, Simon Girty’s half brother came to the township of Malden to see his half brother once. There was no written agreement between them that the property was to return to the heirs of Simon Girty. (Grandfather told me many times that the property was to come back to his children and he also talked of some property at a place called Beaver about a hundred miles from Pittsburg on the Ohio River.) He lived with Uncle Turner six years on the property in Pennsylvania. He wanted to stay with him but mother was not willing. Simon GIrty was born in the Colony of Pennsylvania A.D. 1744 not far from the present city of Harrisburg. He married Catherine Malott in Detroit, the daughter of Peter Malott. They had four children, Prideaux, Thomas, Sarah, and Nancy. John McClassen was a nephew of Mrs John Turner. He was raised by John Turner and was left in possession of the property at Uncle Turner’s death. My mother’s name was Nancy. She married Peter Geauvreau. They had five children Catherine, Betsy, Nancy Ann, Thomas and Caroline.

Signed Nancy Ann Sanford

Sworn before me at the Township of Gosfield North
This 5 day Sep 1893
Thomas Smith

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